Construction Cost Reporting

Canadian provincial legislation requires companies to submit a property assessment compliance report to the assessing authority that details construction project costs. This report then forms the basis for future property assessments and taxation. DMA’s Construction Cost Reporting service focuses on relieving you of this administrative burden associated with this report submission and ensuring all available assessment reductions have been considered.

DMA provides you with a team of professionals from both the assessment and construction fields.  This experience allows them to capture all possible assessment reductions. DMA’s efforts may result in significant property tax savings, especially since the savings apply annually throughout the facility’s operational life. DMA’s reports will be the basis for all future valuations of the facility thereby ensuring that when modifications to the facility occur, the assessment valuation adjustments are more likely to be accurate. Additionally, the report also serves as a reference tool should any changes to assessment legislation occur.

Our tax professionals are available to assist you with your construction cost reporting when you need us. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your construction costs and prepare a comprehensive property assessment compliance report.

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