Commodity Tax Review

DMA’s Commodity Tax Review is designed to identify all available commodity tax credits and refunds and provide proactive recommendations to mitigate future commodity tax administration errors and inefficiencies.

Our review process is customized to your specific business operations. It includes a review of all commodity tax payment/credit procedures and compliance processes. DMA identifies potential overpayments, prepares schedules and supporting documentation, and cites appropriate laws to substantiate our findings. With your approval, we pursue all refund and credit opportunities with the appropriate taxing jurisdictions. And, we work on your behalf until you receive the maximum benefit associated with the refunds and credits. Additionally, if during the review DMA identifies potential commodity tax exposure areas, we will report these findings to you. 

At the conclusion of our review, our experienced tax professionals provide customized training to your staff. We also provide you with recommended solutions designed to eliminate commodity tax errors. DMA also offers ongoing technical support to resolve your tax issues. This technical support is provided by the senior tax manager who performed the review thereby ensuring quality support and customized responses.

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