GST/HST Registry Lookup Solution

Corporate tax departments face a time consuming and labor intensive challenge in validating supplier GST/HST registration numbers.They risk having input tax credits rejected if they do not validate GST/HST numbers. DMA provides clients with a Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Registry Lookup Solution.

Our service is comprehensive and uses proprietary technology to assist in the process. We offer a Lookup Tool, software designed and written by DMA tax technology professionals that will automate the supplier validation process. This solution takes client supplier data and passes it through the Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST Registry. The solution verifies the correct supplier name is being used; validates that the GST/HST number is active and in good standing; and confirms the GST/HST number is valid on the transaction date. Once this process is complete, we provide you with a data download that identifies both valid and invalid suppliers. This allows you to pursue only the information you need to correct your records. Or, if you have a lean staff, DMA will provide professionals who will work as an extension of your tax department to do the work for you.

Our solution increases your efficiency and accuracy and we can work with you as needed to provide consulting services to an overburdened staff.

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