Managed Compliance Agreements

DMA partners with you to establish a Managed Compliance Agreement with state tax agencies. The goal of a managed compliance agreement is to improve your sales/use tax compliance and reduce audit assessments while reducing your administrative burden.

As an extension of your tax department, our tax professionals approach state agencies on your behalf to enter into a managed compliance agreement. We ensure you receive the maximum benefit of such an agreement. We manage the entire project from initial discussions with the state through the review of final agreement language and calculations for the formal agreement. We ensure the included accounts are sufficient and that the statistical sampling selection and methodology is representative and fair. We also retrieve and review all transactions and invoices to determine taxability and research any questionable items as necessary.

If you desire simplified sales/use tax compliance administration, perhaps a managed compliance agreement is the right solution for you. DMA’s tax professionals are ready to assist you in proactively managing your sales/use taxes.

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