Tax Technology Post Go-Live Support

The ever-changing world of technology affects many business areas, including tax. Companies are implementing automated tax solutions and facing frustrations when the go-live is executed. DMA provides Post Go-Live Support that includes research and resolution of technical or functional issues related to the tax engine software or the integration of the tax engine software with your business applications.

Our Post Go-Live Support includes a customized approach to managing and maintaining your tax solution and configurations. Based on your support needs, DMA determines an appropriate support plan. The plan can be standard, premium, or premium plus.  Standard support provides you with priority one production support and bug resolution. Premium support provides access to DMA’s support team for configuration assistance as well as priority one production support. Premium plus support is complete outsourced support for your tax engine. With this option, DMA serves as an extension of your tax department and ensures all configuration additions and changes are added to your tax engine.

DMA’s professionals work with you to: 

  • Automate content updates
  • Assist with application of mandatory software patches and upgrades
  • Monitor tax engine-related log files for errors and truncate log files if necessary
  • Map your product codes (i.e., items or purchasing categories) to tax engine tax categories
  • Troubleshoot all indirect tax-related issues
  • Maintain the tax engine configuration settings
  • Maintain the tax engine profile parameters at the operating system level
  • Provide tax engine configuration assistance
  • Create custom reports
  • Support questions via hotline
  • Provide routine maintenance and support 

Regardless of the support you desire, we staff each project with subject matter experts to ensure you realize the maximum benefit.