Simplify Posting Tax Adjustments in SAP and Tax Software Audit Files and Registers

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Tax Debit/Credit | SAP Tax Utility

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Allows for simplified posting of tax adjustments in SAP and proper reporting in tax software audit file/register. Handles tax adjustments to general ledger and customer accounts.

  • Simplify posting tax adjustments to SAP and tax software

  • Automatically determine relevant tax information such as jurisdiction codes, tax rates, tax base amounts, revenue accounts, posting keys, document types, etc.

  • Reduce tax errors and related adjustments associated with:
    • Incorrect or late application of tax-exemptions
    • Incorrect tax jurisdiction or product codes in SAP 
    • Tax rate changes not applied in a timely manner to a tax system
    • Customers returning products to locations different than the original ship-from locations

Handles Tax Adjustment to General Ledger and Customer Accounts

Benefits Include:
  • Simplified posting of adjustments

  • Quickly fix incorrect application of exemptions

  • Increased accuracy of tax jurisdiction and product code assignment

  • Address issues when return-to and ship-from locations differ
DMA SAP Tax Debit Credit Utility


DMA's SAP Tax Debit/Credit Utility supports major tax systems including Avalara, Vertex, Thomson Reuters, and Sovos.


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